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Our Business Manager, Austin Bunn, sat down with President and one of the founding members of Collidescope VA, Maureen Belko, as we remember that Pride isn't just a (super awesome) party.

"My first instinct was- if we throw just a party for this community and then disappear, that is the biggest insult you could do to the LGBTQ community in Danville. Absolutely not."

Maureen Belko, President of Collidescope VA.

Initially begun as just an idea for a PRIDE celebration, Collidescope formed into a movement that helps to highlight a portion of the local community that habitually occupied the outskirts of society by choices mostly influenced by societal norms. As an initial drive, Collidescope’s founding members began asking local businesses, organizations and faith-based groups to stand as our allies. Those allies are now part of an ever-growing list that LGBTQ+ community members can consult to find out where they’ll be accepted for who they are, without prejudice. In addition to discovering local allies, they spun that initial PRIDE celebration into drag shows, book talks, movie nights, bowling socials, bingo nights and queer cafes hosted at a multitude of local businesses and event spaces in a bid to provide inclusive occasions for LGBTQ+ community members and their allies.

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